Industry 4.0 and Embedded Systems, Robotics and industrial development

— Embedded Systems Beijing Forum 15th Seminar held in Beijing on Nov.22nd

The concept of Industry 4.0 first appeared in Germany in April 2013 in Hannover Trade Fair was officially launched, the core objective is to improve the competitiveness of German industry, the occupation of the initiative in the new round of industrial revolution. When October 9, during the third round of Sino-German consultations, Miao Yu, Minister of China Industry and Information Technology and the German Industry 4.0 platform relevant agencies to strengthen Sino-German cooperation in the discussion pointed out that manufacturing innovation; German Industry 4.0 Strategy and China’s information technology and industrialization Deep integration strategy in the core concept, the main contents and many other aspects of the same thing specific practices, can learn from each other.

Embedded System and Internet of Things (also known as Cyber Physical Systems-CPS) technology has a pivotal role in the Industry 4.0 strategies. Embedded systems mentioned several times in the ” Recommendations the implementation of industrial 4.0″ German Federal Ministry of Education and Research((BMBF)) Industry 4.0 Working Group’s report, for example, in the Summary section has this description: “a powerful, independent micro-computers (embedded systems) are increasingly among themselves or with the Internet wirelessly interconnected entities which are leading causes physical world and the virtual online world (cyberspace) to Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) in 2012, following the integration of the way launched a new Internet Protocol IPv6 “, now has enough address so that objects can address a wide range of interconnected directly through the Internet.”

Embedded Systems Beijing Forum topic discussion since 2009, has held 14 meetings. The meeting will discuss the strategy of industrial robotics industry under Industry 4.0, emphasizing the importance of embedded systems technology in Industry 4.0 strategies and robotics. The conference will explore research, how education research, industry and media to grasp the trend of Chinese industry and information technology integration, the use of domestic traditional industries in urgent need of upgrading and innovation favorable opportunity to play a role, to greet the arrival of the era of industrial intelligence.

Industry 4.0 is a new concept, We invited a number of famous robots, Internet of Things and computer science experts to discipline will speak, including the Tianjin University of Electronic Information Engineering College Dean, Changjiang Scholar Professor Ma Jianguo, BEIHANG University, director of the University robotics Institute, the National 863 robotics team leader Changjiang Scholar Professor Wang Tianmiao, Dean of the School of Computer and Communication, Hunan University, Professor Li Renfa would like to speak and share their understand, to help you sort out ideas and seek common development opportunities industry 4.0 era.


Time: November 22, 2014 9: 00-16: 30
Location: Beihang University new main building
Conference Organizer: Embedded Systems Beijing Forum
Conference Co-organizers: Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Press

Host: Allan He

09:00-09:30Industry 4.0 and Embedded SystemsProf. Jianguo Ma, Tianjin University
09:30-10:00Cutting-edge technology of RobotProf. Tianmiao Wang, Beihang University
10:00-10:30Robotics preliminary investigation by visiting Tokyo Institute of TechnologyProf. Renfa Li, Hunan University
11:00-11:30Robot OS and human-computer industrial security robotsAssociate Prof. Hongxing Wei, Beihang University
11:30-12:00The practice of robots in embedded system courseProf.Wenzhi Chen, Zhejiang University
12:30-14:00(Lunch Break)3rd floor restaurant, Training Center
14:00-16:301. Robotics research and teaching practice
2. Industrial application of internet of things
Introductory Speech by Prof. Hairong Yan, Beihang University, followed by discussion