Looking forward to Industry 4.0, focus on Robotics

— Embedded Systems Beijing Forum 15th Seminar held in Beijing

Still filled with the scent of Fall, Beijing haven’t taste the harshness or Winter. On November22, 2014 Embedded Systems Beijing Forum (ESBF) 15th seminar was held just as planned. The topic of the Seminar is Industry 4.0 and embedded systems, robotics and industrial development. With the recent discussions on Industry 4.0, the meeting attracted nearly 50 people from universities, research institutes,media and technology companies to participate.

ESBF invited a number of the well-known robotic, Internet of Things (IoT) and computer science experts and scholars to speak. Professor Ma Jianguo, Dean of the School of Electronic and Information Engineering at Tianjin University, Cheung Kong Scholar, first made a keynote speech. Speaking on the topic “Industrial 4.0 and Embedded Systems”, Professor Ma presented the definitions of IoT and application of key technologies, and then talked about Industry 4.0. He thinks that the core of Industry 4.0 is an integrated services of IoT: IoT = network+ embedded intelligent systems, industrial 4.0 = manufacturing + IoT; the key is to make the manufacturing process speak. Then, Professor Wang Tianmiao, Director of the Institute of Robotics at Beihang University, Service Robot Project Director at The Ministry of Science and Technology, Cheung Kong Scholar, spoke on the topic of “Cutting-edge technology of Robotic and industry opportunities”. After analyzing the robot technology trends, Professor Wang focused on the role of robotic in transforming the Chinese traditional industries. He argued that the primary need of robotics industry in China is abundant amount of core components, and a breakthrough still requires time. Finally, Professor Wang mentioned that service robot (such as home and medical service) market will exceed industrial robot service robot market in 2017. Professor Li Zhiyong from the School of Computer and Communication at Hunan University, briefed on his visit to five Robotics Laboratory at Tokyo Institute of Technology and other universities in Japan.

After the break, Professor Wei Hongxing from the Mechanical Engineering and Automation College at Beihang Univeristy presented his speech “Robot Operating Systems and Secured Human-machine Collaboration” Professor Wei first elaborated the problem with traditional robot integrated design methods, and introduced the new module-based robot development methods. Then he focused on the robot operating system (ROS) technologies and applications. He introduced the ROS real-time problem faced by his team in development its solution – dual OS on multi-core processor. The last speaker was Professor Chen Wenzhi, Vice Dean of the Computer Science school at Zhejiang University, with his speech entitled “Robot Embedded System Teaching Practice,” Professor Chen first introduced the two-track embedded system education design at his school: microprocessor and SoC,especially their course for freshmen – “Introduction to Computer Science:robot-based Practice”. The course integrates the basic concepts and principles of computer programming and robot design and programming, with hands-on experiments, programming and contests. Finally, Professor Chen shared their understanding of the latest technology on flexible electronic systems and applications.

In the afternoon discussion session, Professor Yan Hairong, associate professor of the Software School at Beijing University of Technology, introduced their team of networking applications in industrial control,and their new PLC development and application. After the speeches, participants discussed on Industry 4.0, networking and industrial robot technology;marketing and other aspects were discussed. As Freescale Researched Dr. Yang Xinxin mentioned, although there is only a small number of industrial robots, the semiconductor business is looking at a comprehensive outlook of IoT, and the system-wise benefits of it. Former TI technical marketing manager Zheng Xiaolong mentioned that Chinese companies are now in pursuit of “large and comprehensive”,but the Industry 4.0 model of Germany companies is “small and focused”, changes are needed. Yang Hui, director of China Electronic Technology magazine, talked about things to pay attention to about industrial security. Qiao Jingyu,minister from Henghe Electronics, talked about Yokogawa industrial 4.0environment for small amount production to reduce costs.

Shao Beibei from Tsinghua University, Kuang Jian from BUPT, Han Deqiang from Beijing University of Technology, Lin Jinlong from Peking Univeristy, Zhang Zhimin from Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chang Xiaoming from Taiyuan university of Technology etc.participated in the forum. Representatives from ESBF media partner:”Microcontroller and Embedded Systems Application”, “Application of Electronic Technique”, Electronic Engineering World, Electronic Engineering Focus, 21IC China Electronics, “Electronic Engineering Product World”, I Love Solutions, and ESBF support institute: Beihang Press also took part in the forum. The meeting was hosted by ESBF Secretary-General Allan He.

Presentations and Keynotes Download

Industry 4.0 and embedded systemsProf. Jianguo Ma, Tianjin University
Cutting-edge Technology of RobotProf. Tianmiao Wang, Beihang University
Robotics preliminary investigation by visiting Tokyo Institute of TechnologyProf. Zhiyong Li, Hunan University
Robot OS and secured human-computer industrial robotsAssociate Prof. Hongxing Wei, Beihang University
The practice of robots in embedded system courseProf. Wenzhi Chen, Zhejiang University

About the Forum

Time: November 22, 2015 9: 00-16: 30.
Location: Beihang University new main building
Conference Organizer: Embedded Systems Beijing Forum
Conference Co-organizers: Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Press