Next Forum: Embedded System and Industry Forum in Chengdu, China

In recent two years, a lot have changed in the Integrated Circuit (IC) industry. Namely there are three noticeable trends: First, there have been many high profile mergers. For example, $16.7 billion acquisition of Altera by Intel, $37 billion merger of Avago and Broadcom, and $11.8 billion NXP-Freescale merger. The number of merger and the amount of money involved have been very high during the period, especially for embedded chip manufacturers. The overall slowing down of the industry is likely to be an important factor behind the mergers. Third, the notions of security, intelligence and sustainability have gained momentum, which are challenging and changing traditional embedded system. New applications like self-driving car, robots, wearable devices and smart hardware like intelligent home, alongside with new business ventures, are shaping up the new way of developing embedded system.

As an important post of electronic and information industry, Chengdu has been making new progress under the new incentive of “Advancing intelligent manufacturing, promoting civil-military integration”. China Electric and Electronic Information Corp. and Embedded System Beijing Forum will host “Embedded System Technology and Industry Development Forum of Southwest China” together during China (Chengdu) Electronic Fair, inviting experts and industry figures to share their view and experience on embedded system and industry. We welcome industry practitioners to participate and explore new opportunity in embedded system innovation in China.


Time: July 15th 2016 (Friday) 9am–12pm
Location: Shushan Room, 3rd Floor of Chengdu Century City International Convention Center (Jiaozi Convention Center)

9:00am-9:10amOpening Speech by Leader from CEAC
9:10am-9:30am“Introduction of Embedded System Beijing Forum and Recent Industry Trend” – Allan He, Secretary in Chief of ESBF
9:30-10:00am“Low Energy Software Design in Embedded System” – Prof. Bing Guo, School of Computer of Sichuan University
10:00am-10:30am“The History of Embedded OS –My 30 Years in ZTE” – Weidong Zhong, principle engineer of ZTE Chengdu
10:30am-11:00am“Application of Embedded System in Internet of Vehicles” – Pihong Sun, General Manager of Chengdu Skysoft Information Technology Co. Ltd. and Yinghui Zhang, Vice General Manager of Information Technology Center of China Mobile IoT

The forum is hosted by China Electronic Appliance Corp. and Embedded System Beijing Forum, and organized by Beihang University Press Embedded System Branch and Embedded Software Association of Chengdu.

An limited amount of free Embedded System/IoT books are available on a first-come-first-serve basis, sponsored by Beihang University Press.

As a non-profit forum, the meeting is open without any fee or admission. However, registration is required.