“Present State and Future of Internet of Things Operating Systems” Seminar Announcement

— To be held in Beijing, China, November 2017

Operating System (OS) is the strategic high-ground of the era of Internet of Things (IoT), where PC and mobile OS leaders may not be able to hold the leading positions. In the field of OS, it is extremely difficult to challenge a monopoly once it forms. But the new revolution happening today is opening a unique market of OS for imagination and innovation.

It is war time right now in IoT. IT giants like ARM, Google, Microsoft, Huawei, Alibaba and Haier are all working on IoT OSes; traditional embedded system companies, for instance Intel, Wind River, Silicon Labs and Micrium are also pushing out IoT software platforms, many based on acquisitions and open source strategy. Domestic startups in China are also on the edge of the trend developing IoT OSes, MxChip, Ruff and RT-thread are just a few of them.

2014 was a milestone year for IoT OS; since this year a variety of IoT OSes has emerged. Now, after 3 years, what is the current status quo of the industry? How are the projects going? What’s next on the horizon? These are the some of the pending questions among practitioners.

ESBF is proud to host “Present State and Future of Internet of Things Operating Systems” seminar on Nov. 12nd 2017 in Beijing, inviting industry representatives from ARM, Ruff, RT-thread, MxChip, Huawei, ZTE, C-Sky etc., and scholars from Tsinghua University, Beihang University and East China Normal University. As usual, we also welcome friends and professionals to attend the seminar and join the discussion.

Formed in 2008 in Beijing, Embedded System Beijing Forum is a technology salon promoting information exchange and communication within embedded industry and academia, with broad audience including scholars, engineers/tech ops, marketing personnel and technical writers/reporters. Since 2009, ESBF has hosted more than 20 seminars with reputable reception in the field.


Date and Time: 9am on Sunday, Nov. 12nd 2017
Location: Runxin Convention Center Auditorium, Beihang University, Beijing, China
Host: Allan He, Secretary in Chief of ESBF

9:30-10:00amConvergence of IoT PlatformsXiaobing Yin, Business Director, ARM mbed
10:00-10:30amRT-Thread3.0: IoT OS Drives IoT DevelopmentPuxiang Xiong, Founder, RT-Thread Shanghai
11:00-11:30amCommunication Technology in IoT and a Test Drive with LiteOSYouping Zhong, General Manager, Huawei LiteOS OSS Project
11:30am-12:00pmFrom RTOS to IoT OS – Technology, Product and CommercializationAssoc. Prof. Jianhua Shen, Computer Science & Software Engineering School, East China Normal University
12:00-1:30pmGroup Photo & LunchGroup photo taken in front of Aviation & Aerospace museum; lunch in training center cafe
1:30-2:00pmRuff: An Attempt to Break IoT R&D DilemmaYe Zheng, Ruff CTO
2:00-2:30pmThoughts on IoT OSAllan He, Secretary in Chief of ESBF

Hosted by: Embedded System Beijing Forum
Supported by: Beihang University Press

Special thanks to China Electronics Information and Conference Corporation, ELEXCON Shenzhen and Electronica China for their support!

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