The Development of Embedded System Technology and China’s Embedded System Industry

— Announcement of the 25th ESBF Forum

Embedded system is at the core of the information technology and electronic industries; it is also an integral part of an intelligent system. As the IoT and AI technologies develop, embedded operating systems are playing an increasingly important role in intelligent systems. Partly due to the unstable external environment, China’s intelligent systems should be shipped with our own embedded OSes.

With a long history, several categories, and a wide spectrum of usages, embedded OS is an umbrella term that covers many different types of software systems: RTOS, open-source Linux, robotic OSes, router OSes, IoT OSes, and edge computing platforms. Generally speaking, OS projects where Chinese engineers lead in the development and maintenance process can be referred to as “made in China”.

In the upcoming forum, we are inviting around 15 experts and scholars who excel in the research, education, development, and maintenance of embedded OSes. The event will cover topics about the newest technologies, opportunities, and business models; it will also center around critical issues like standardization of embedded OSes, the construction of the ecosystem, and international partnerships.


Date & Time: Aug 24th (Sat), 2019 9:00-17:00

Location: Beihang University Hangzhou Innovation Park Bldg. 8 2nd fllor, 8 Chuang Hui St, Binjiang District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

AM-KeynotesTopic: Embedded OSes in the Age of AIoTHost: Allan He, Secretary in Chief of ESBF
9:15-9:25Opening AddressLimin He, Professor of Beihang University, Editor in chief of Microcontroller and Embedded System Application Journal
9:25-9:30Opening AddressYuzhan Wu, Vice Dean of the Beihang University Hangzhou Innovation Park
9:30-10:00Robotic OSes and Their EnvironmentJianwei Niu, Professor/PhD Advisor of Beihang University Computer Science School
10:00-10:30IoT OS Architecture and PlatformTianlong Zhu, Technical Director of RT-Thread
10:30-11:00Discussion on the Standardization of IoT OSesDr. Mengliang Li, China Electronics Standardization Institute
11:00-11:30Zephyr: the Open-Source Embedded RTOS for AIoTDr. Wei Ren, R&D Manager of Synopsys ARC Processor Software
11:30-12:00Panel: Standardization of IoT OSesHost:
Dr. Li Han, Vice Director of China Electronics Standardization Institute Networking Department
Zhiguo Shi, Professor/Dean’s Assistant of Zhejiang University Telecommunication and Electronics School
Xuming Liu, Director of Eco-csystem, Huawei LiteOS
Deshuai Yin, Vice President R&D, Haier Uhome OS
12:15-13:45Group Photo, Lunch
PM-KeynotesTopic: China’s Embedded OS – Status Quo and FutureHost: Xiaojing Lu, Executive Editor of Microcontroller and Embedded System Application Journal
13:45-14:15Thoughts on the Self-Development of China’s Embedded OSesHong Ye, Vice Principal Engineer / Researcher, Xi’an Computing Technology Research Center
14:15-14:45SylixOS and Secure Container TechnologyXiaocheng Li, Technical Director, Yihui Information Technology
14:45-15:15Development of Trusted Embedded OSLei Dai, Principal Architect in RTOS, Huawei
15:30-16:00(TBD)Gang Shi, Vice President of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation 32nd Research Center
16:00-16:30Micro-kernel RTOS on MCUZhen Huang, Technical Staff, Alibaba Office for IoT
16:30-17:00Panel: Opportunity and Challenge of China’s Embedded OSHost:
Allan He, the Author of Embedded Operating System: History of Development and Future in the Internet of Things
Wenzhi Chen, Professor/Phd Advisor of Zhejiang University
Chunqiang Li, Senior Technical Staff of Alibaba Pingtouge Semiconductor
Jianqi Shi, Researcher/Director of the Staffing Office, East China Normal University Trusted Embedded Software Engineering Research Center
Fengshan Zou, Dean of Xinsong Research Center

The event is free and we respectfully decline commercial advertisements.