The 2nd Domestic Embedded Operating System Technology and Industry Forum to be Held in Hangzhou

— Announcement of the 26th ESBF Forum

2020 is not an ordinary year, with the Corona-virus crisis, work from home situation, and so much more. Complicating international economy/political environment means that the industry, the academia and the government are all highly focused on domestic semiconductor production. Embedded system forms a pillar of the electronic information industry, and is at the core of intelligent systems. With AIoT growing rapidly, embedded OSes are becoming increasingly important in intelligent systems. Combined with the global uncertainty, domestic intelligent systems are increasingly relying on domestic embedded OSes.

Embedded OS has a long history with many sub-categories for various usages, examples include RTOS, open-source Linux, robotic/router OS, IoT OS, edge computing platforms etc. Genially speaking, an open-source that is developed or maintained by Chinese developers can be referred to as a domestic embedded OS.

The hosting organizations invite experts and scholars in the fields of embedded OS research, education and production development to speak at the event. They will also participate in the discussion of the latest technology, products and opportunities in IoT, 5G, robotics and AIoT embedded OS/software, as well as the standardization of domestic OSes and construction of the ecosystem.

Forum Information

Hosting Organizations

Beihang University School of Computer Science
Beihang University Hangzhou Institute of Innovation
China Electronic Technology Standardization Institute IoT Research Center
Microcontroller and Embedded System Application Journal


Beihang University Hangzhou Institute of Innovation

Date / Time / Location

October 24th 2020, 08:45am – 5pm
Academic Report Hall on the 2nd floor of Building 8, Beihang University Hangzhou Institute of Innovation, 18 Chuanghui St., Binjiang District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China
The forum will be held in both online and offline formats.

Expert Committee Members

Allan He, ESBF Secretary in Chief
Jianwei Niu, Professor/Doctoral Advisor, Beihang University School of Computer Science
Wenzhi Chen, Professor/Doctoral Advisor, Zhejiang University
Yu Chen, Professor/Doctoral Advisor, Tsinghua University Department of Computer Science
Hong Ye, Associate Lecturer/Researcher, ACTRI Xi’an Aeronautics Computing Technology Research Institute

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MorningTopic: Embedded OS in Industrial Intelligent SystemsHost: Jianwei Niu, Professor/Doctoral Advisor, Beihang University School of Computer Science
09:15-09:30Opening SpeechYuan Deng, Dean of Beihang Hangzhou Institute of Innovation
9:30-10:00Automobile OS from the Security StandpointDr. Yizhi Huang, Hunan University
10:00-10:30Offline Programming of Industrial Robots with Domestic Robotic OSJin Wang, Associate Professor of Zhejiang University Robotic Institute
10:30-11:00Embedded OS in 5GYunfeng Cui, Principal Engineer, ZTE Communication OS Department
11:00-11:30Robot Controller: Status Quo and Future DevelopmentXiaolong Zhang, Founder of Nabote, PhD of Beihang University Schoold of Computer Science
11:30-12:00Industrial Control OS and Runtime EnvironmentJianqi Shi, Vice Director of National Trusted Embedded Software Engineering Technology Research Center and Hardware/Software Co-design Education Center, East China Normal University,
12:15-13:45Group Photo & Lunch
AfternoonTopic: IoT OS in the Age of AIoTHost: Allan He, Secretary in Chief of ESBF
13:45-14:15IoT OS Technology and StandarizationGen Lei, Research Engineer, China Electronic Technology Standardization Institute Networking Research Department
14:15-14:45Tencent IoT OS Ecosystem and Key TechnologyLichao Wang, Tencent Senior Engineer
14:45-15:15IoT OS Challenges and Technical Solutions in the Age of AIoTDeshuai Yin, Haier Corp Youjia Project Leader
15:15-15:30IoT OS in the Age of 5GHongwei Zhang, China Mobile IoT OS Technology Expert (Level 1)
15:30-16:00AliOS Things AIoT OSJunfeng Hu, AliCloud Senior Technology Expert
16:00-16:30OS Architecture in the Age of IoTYang Song, CTO, Hangzhou Instruction Set Technology
16:30-17:00Q&A SessionHost: Xiaojing Lu, Microcontroler and Embedded System Application journal executive editor
Guests: Allan He, ESBF Secretary in Chief; Wenzhi Chen, Zhejiang University Professor/Doctoral Advisor; Linli Fu, CEO, Hangzhou Rainbow Intellegence; Jianchuan Guo, CTO, Kyland Technology OS Department.