Embedded Technology Conference China, 2020

2020 Embedded Technology Conference: Embedded AI Under the Spotlight

AIoT, represented by autonomous driving, intelligent robotic and smart security, is now under the spotlight of technical innovation in Information Technology. The deployment of 5G will also boost device-side intelligence. While AIoT is a technically combination of AI technology and IoT device, it is also a realization of AI and IoT in application scenarios. Embedded technology provides an important platform for AI.

China’s Ministry of Industry and Information indicated in their 2019-2020 Report of Talents in the AI Industry that there is a general shortage of talents in AI, and that there is a misalignment between current labor force ability and market demand. AI development engineer, system/platform engineer and software engineer are among the top 10 job posts of the most severe shortages; they represent new possibilities of embedded system engineers.

Embedded AI is in the spotlight during the 2020 Embedded Technology Conference. This year the event consisted of one main event and 4 sub-forums, spanning over 2 days. With 27 keynote sessions, the event this year aimed for broader and deeper technical coverage.

Embedded Technology Conference expert committee member and ESBF secretary in chief Allan He gave a passionate opening speech, Beijing Institute of Technology Professor Hongbin Ma’s speech was titled “Embedded AI and AI Chip”, and Hunan University Associate Professor Guoqi Xie’s delivered keynote “Automobile Embedded System Development: Theories and Solutions”. Three CEOs of embedded system startups: Puxiang Xiong of RT-Thread, Shenzhen SDJ Tech’s Luye Wang and Beijing Gonlon Electronic Technology’s Tianxiao Lin spoke about IoT OS, RISC-V and micro MCU programming; entrepreneurship in embedded industry is key to innovation.

Embedded Technology Conference expert committee member and South China University of Technology Associate Professor Sheng Bi hosted the “Embedded AI and Application” sub-forum, experts from Arm China, Huawei, Imagination and Huaqing Yuanjian talked about AI chip, GPU acceleration, MindSpore AI application and embedded AI education.

The conference was held by CETimes, ESBF and Dianziq, together we aim to build a platform in southern China, greater China area, and Asia-Pacific region to socialize about embedded technology and products; we also hope contribute to continuous innovation in China’s electronic and information industries.

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Date: September 9-10, 2020
Hosted by: CETimes, ESBF, Dianziq

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Main Keynotes

Time: Morning, September 9
Location: Shenzhen International Conference Center (Bao’an) Building 9, Conference Room B
Host: Allan He, ESBF Secretary in Chief

10:00-10:30Embedded AI and AI ChipHongbin Ma, Professor / Doctoral Advisor, Beijing Institute of Technology School of Automation
10:30-11:00IoT OS: From RTOS to Microkernel OSPuxiang Xiong, Co-founder, Shanghai RT-Thread Technology
11:00-11:30Automobile Embedded System Development: Theories and SolutionsGuoqi Xie, Hunan Province Embedded System and Network Computing Lab, Hunan University
11:30-12:00Practice of Digitization Across the Industrial ChainLuye Wang, General Manager, Shenzhen SDJ Tech
12:00-12:30Unity OS and NanokernelTianxiao Lin, General Manager, Beijing Gonlon Electronic Technology

Sub-Forum 1: Software/Hardware Technology in IoT Development

Time: Morning, September 9
Location: Shenzhen International Conference Center (Bao’an) Building 9, Conference Room C
Host: Sheng Bi, Associate Professor, South China University of Technology

10:00-10:30Non-touch Vital Signs Sensing Technology and ApplicationMengxiang Ye, Chief Algorithm Architect, Hefei Genvic Electronics
10:30-11:00Hangshun 32-bit MCU in Medical ElectronicsShuiping Chen, Senior FAE / Product Manager, Shenzhen Hangshun Semiconductor Technology and Research
11:00-11:30Market-Specific Customizable Embedded System ApplicationsHongwei Chen, Product Director, Shenzhen Biwin Storage Technology
11:30-12:00MM32 MCU’s Applications in Intelligent ProductsHui Che, Site Technology Manager, Shanghai MindMotion
12:00-12:305G Empowers Intelligent Connected Things, Chinese Chips Accelerates Connection and SharingLei Chen, Vice President – Marketing, DoSolicon Semiconductor

Sub-Forum 2: IoT Security

Time: Afternoon, September 9
Location: Shenzhen International Conference Center (Bao’an) Building 9, Conference Room C
Host: Guoqi Xie, Associate Professor, Hunan University

14:00-14:30You-IP@Secure Based Secure Chip Design SolutionHongming Hu, System Design Director, Brite Semiconductor (Shanghai)
14:30-15:00Security Requirements if IoT Systems and Software/Hardware SolutionsZhihao Mo, Senior Application Engineer, NXP Semiconductor (Shanghai)
15:00-15:30Network Security Issues in Intelligent Car Networking and Intrusion Detection TechnologiesWufei Wu, Lecturer, Nanchang University School of Information Engineering
15:30-16:00Secure IoT OS MS-RTOSGuizhou Xu, Vice General Manager, Beijing AcoInfo Technology
16:00-16:30PSA-Compliant “Xingchen” Processor and “Shanhai” Security SolutionJunchao Wang, Director of Marketing – Security Technology, Arm China
16:30-17:00Chip-Level Security in IoT ApplicationsYonggang Zhao, Execution Director, Nations Technologies

Sub-Forum 3: RISC-V Development and Application

Time: Morning, September 10
Location: Shenzhen International Conference Center (Bao’an) Building 9, Conference Room C
Host: Allan He, ESBF Secretary in Chief

10:00-10:30Exploration of Embedded Software Platform with Open-Source RISC-VHuaqi Fang, Embedded Technology Director, Nuclei System Technology
10:30-11:00Porting of ComputeLibrary based on RISC-V Vector InstructionsXicong Ye, Software/Toolchain Engineer, Shenzhen SDJ Tech
11:00-11:30Professional Development Tools Empowers RISC-V in Embedded SystemYuanbin Fu, Embedded Software Engineer, Beijing BRM Software Technology
11:30-12:00Low-Power Embedded AI ApplicationXuehui Lu, FAE, Greenwaves Technologies
12:00-12:30Developing Doit Technology RISC-V Based Communication Module EcosystemHonggang Li, R&D/CEO, Shenzhen Doit Technology

Sub-Forum 4: Embedded AI and Application

Time: Afternoon, September 10
Location: Shenzhen International Conference Center (Bao’an) Building 9, Conference Room C
Host: Sheng Bi, Associate Professor, South China University of Technology

Time TopicSpeaker
14:00-14:30Arm’s Brand New Cortex-M55 Brings Unprecedented Power to Node-Side AIRui Yang, Senior Embedded System Marketing Manager, Arm China
14:30-15:00AIoT Application in TmallGenie and AIoT EducationSonghua Yi, Embedded System Senior Marketing Manager, Huaqing Yuanjian Technology Development Company
15:00-15:30MindSpore AI Technology and Its Application in LiteOSZhiqiang Zhai, Node-Side Architect, Huawei MindSpore AI Project
15:30-16:00Software/Hardware Solutions for 2.5D Graphic Acceleration in MCU EnvironmentTian Xiang, CEO, Suzhou GraphiChina Electronics Technology
16:00-16:30GPU and Neuron Network Accelerator Based Asymmetrical Computing PlatformAn Li, China Area Chief Technical Specialist, Imagination Technologies
16:30-17:00Evolution of AI Chip Technology and Introduction to Zhouyi AIPUTong Wu, Senior AI Technology Market Manager, Arm China