Embedded Technology Conference China, 2022

As the new technologies of AI, IoT, and open-source processors develop, as well as with the new hot industries in new energy, smart automobile, and IT innovation in the background, the 4th Embedded Technology Conference China (2022) was held in the Shenzhen Conference Center during the duration from November 6th to 7th.

The conference covered a wide range of topics in the featured speeches. We saw an increase in the overage of fundamental software/hardware; internationally renowned companies shared cutting-edge technology with the audience. The conference consisted of 5 sub-forums and a total of 35 technical keynote sessions. China saw an increase in COVID cases across the country at the time; however, this did not cool down the enthusiasm of the participants. Most of the keynote sessions were conducted in person, while some speakers spoke over video conferencing. The host of the event live-streamed the event for the audience that could not attend in person.

As the conference chair, ESBF Secretary in Chief, Allan He pointed out in his remarks, “Intelligence, Connection, Innovation” is the main theme of the conference. Embedded AI, especially edge intelligent computing, has been the most active application of embedded system in recent years.

In this year’s AI and application sub-forum, world-class companies such as AMD/Xilinx, Arm, NVIDIA, and Advantech delivered expert reports; Prof. Sheng Bi from the South China University of Technology shared the latest research in AI application. Innovation has been abundant in the development of the RISC-V ecosystem, and a new generation of RISC-V chip companies is entering the embedded and IoT markets. This year we had plentiful speakers talking about RISC-V processor and ecosystem development; there were in total 10 sessions in A and B sub-forums combined. Participating companies/institutions included Nuclei Systems, GigaDevice, WCH-IC, SEGGER, and the Institute of Computing Technology in the Chinese Academy of Sciences (represented by Prof. Di Zhao); they presented the state-of-the-art products and findings to the audience. Embedded Operating System sub-forum is a classic of the conference; it attracted active offline and online participation with the involvement of companies like Huawei, Microsoft, and RT-Thread.

ETCC provides an important platform in China to share the latest in embedded technology and products. The hosting company Creativity Exhibition (Shenzhen) and ESBF look forward to the 5th anniversary of ETCC in 2023, see you in Shenzhen next year!

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