Announcing the 4th Domestic Embedded Operating System Technology and Industry Forum

Live Streaming

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The 4th domestic embedded Operating System technology and industry forum (the 28th ESBF forum) will be held online on Dec. 17th 2022. The theme of the forum is “Building a secure and reliable industry Operating System”. Scholars and industry experts will join in the discussion, and focus heavily on embedded software security and automotive operating systems.

For more information and live streaming, on WeChat, add user “esbf123” and request to be added to the “Hangzhou domestic OS” group chat, follow the “embedded system expert voice” WeChat public account, or stay tuned for updates on this page.

Forum Sponsors

Beihang University School of Computer Science
Beihang University Hangzhou Institute of Innovation
China Electronics Standardization Institute, Internet of Things Research Center
Microcontroller and Embedded System Application Journal

Forum Organizers

Beihang University Hangzhou Institute of Innovation
Microcontroller and Embedded System Application Journal

Time and Location

December 17th, 2022, 9:30am-12am 1:30pm-5pm

The forum will be hosted online. It is free to speak at or attend the forum. We regretfully decline commercial advertisements.


Morning: Academic ReportsTopic: Embedded OS Security Design – Methodology and PracticeChairman and host: Jianwei Niu, Professor, Beihang University School of Computer Science
9:30-10:00amLatest Technical Challenges in Embedded System SecurityDr. Yixiao Li, Associate Professor, Nagoya University Information Science Research Department
10:00-10:30amEmbedded RTOS for AvionicsXining Cui, Principal Technologist, Aviation Industry Corporation of China
10:30-11:00amFormal Verification of Inter-Process Communication in a Microkernel that Implements the Subscriber/Publisher ModelJian Guo, Associate Professor, East China Normal University
11:00-11:30amSecurity Certification of an OSYongwang Zhao, Professor, Zhejiang University School of Computer Science and Technology
11:45amEnd of the Morning Agenda 
Afternoon: Industry ReportsTopic: Automotive OS Technology and EcosystemChairman and host: Allan He, ESBF Secretary in Chief
1:30-2:00pmCritical Technologies of the Next-Gen Intelligent CarWanli Chang, Professor, Hunan University
2:00-2:30pmCross-System Integration of Automobile SoftwarePuxiang Xiong, CEO, Shanghai RT-Thread Technology, Founder of RT-Thread
2:30-3:00pmApplication of Virtualization in Automotive Electrical/Electronic ArchitectureBotao Yang, Product Director, ZlingSmart (Chengdu) Technology
3:00-3:30pmApplication of an Independent Intellectual Property Microkernel Automotive OSPengcheng Gong, Vice President and CTO of OS Department, Beijing Kyland Technology
3:30-4:00pmAutomotive OS Technology: Development and PracticeGuizhou Xu, Vice President, Beijing AcoInfo Information Technology
4:00-4:45pmGuest panel: Opportunities and Challenges of Chinese Domestic Automotive OSHost: Xiaojing Lu, Microcontroller and Embedded System Application Journal Executive Editor
Qingguo Zhou, Professor and Director of the Open Source Software and Real-Time System Education Center, Lanzhou University
Yongshou Liu, ThunderSoft Principal Architect
Zhongkui Fan, CATARC Beijing Automotive Networking and Data Security Center
Yulong Zhu, Automobile Industry Expert
5:00pmEnd of the Forum