The 4th Domestic Embedded Operating System Technology and Industry Forum Concluded Successfully

Embedded systems are the building blocks of the electronic information industry and are at the heart of intelligent systems. The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) could not have been possible without the embedded Operating Systems in intelligent systems. With the boom of electric and connected cars, China’s auto industry is growing rapidly, leading to a sharp increase of the demands on automotive OS. The whole industry calls for OSes that are made in China.

Many embedded systems are safety-critical, for instance, rail transportation, aviation, and automotive electronics. Safety technology is one of the most important research topics. With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) industry, information security is also elevated to share the same importance as functional safety. OS security and product development have been the focus point. High-end intelligent application, such as connected cars, drive the development of advanced security software/hardware technology.

In this context, Beihang University School of Computer Science, Beihang University Hangzhou Institute of Innovation, China Electronics Standardization Institute Internet of Things Research Center, ESBF, and Microcontroller and Embedded System Application Journal joined forces and held the 4th Domestic Embedded Operating System Technology and Industry Forum (the 28th ESBF conference) online. The event focused on “Building a secure and reliable industry Operating System”. The event hosting entities invited experts and scholars that practice in embedded OS research and product development to speak and participate in discussions; topics include embedded software security and automotive OS. The event was streamed online on multiple platforms. The morning agenda was hosted by Prof. Jianwei Niu of Beihang University School of Computer Science, while the afternoon agenda was hosted by ESBF Secretary in Chief Allan He. More than 3 thousand tuned in to the event online!

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Presentation Downloads

Latest Technical Challenges in Embedded System Security
Dr. Yixiao Li, Associate Professor, Nagoya University Information Science Research Department

Embedded RTOS for Avionics
Xining Cui, Principal Technologist, Aviation Industry Corporation of China

Formal Verification of Inter-Process Communication in a Microkernel that Implements the Subscriber/Publisher Model
Jian Guo, Associate Professor, East China Normal University

Security Certification of an OS
Yongwang Zhao, Professor, Zhejiang University School of Computer Science and Technology

Cross-System Integration of Automobile Software
Puxiang Xiong, CEO, Shanghai RT-Thread Technology, Founder of RT-Thread

Application of an Independent Intellectual Property Microkernel Automotive OS
Pengcheng Gong, Vice President and CTO of OS Department, Beijing Kyland Technology

Automotive OS Technology: Development and Practice
Guizhou Xu, Vice President, Beijing AcoInfo Information Technology

Event Highlights