Keynotes Download for 2010 Events

December 2010 – IoT, Cloud Computing and Higher Education

Ten Thoughts on IoT – from Embedded System’s PerspectiveProf. Limin He, Beihang University
QR Code, RFID and IoTProf. Jianguo Ma, Tianjin University School of Information
IP Standard in IoTAssociate Prof. Hongxing Wei, Beihang University
Thoughts on the Cloud Computing IndustryTongkai Ji, Dean of Guangdong Electronics Industry Research Institute
Practice Cloud Computing in Tsinghua UniversityDr. Yongwei Wu, Tsinghua University
Mobile Cloud Computing ConstructionDr. Cangyong Zhou, Beihang University
IoT Talent Cultivation in Higher EducationZhufeng Li, Director of Beijing Normal University IoT and Embedded System Research Center

July 2010 – New Technology in Embedded System

System Emulation Platform for Optic-Interconnected SystemsDong Liu, Intel
Embedded System Software-Hardware Correlated Design: Opportunities and ChallengesKainian Xie, Xillinx
ARM MCD Solution to Break Through Limitations of 3-16-32 Bit and DSPPengpeng Wang, NXP
Smart Terminal Web Application Platform: Status Quo and Trends of DevelopmentProf. Lei Luo, University of Electronic Science and Technology
Thoughts on New Business Models of Smart Mobile Terminal and Integration of Multi-NetworkYuliang Gu, Beijing Hopen Software Engineering Technology
Innovation Chain of Embedded SystemJiaxing Sun, China Software and Integrated Circuit Promotion Center (CSIP)

March 2010 – New Trends in Embedded System

Development of Embedded System from the Perspective of IoTProf. Zhanglong Chen, Fudan University
System of Systems (SoS) and Embedded System DevelopmentProf. Jianhua Shen, East China Normal University
Trusted Computing Technology and Embedded SystemProf. Xing Zhang, Beijing University of Technology
IoT and RFID TechnologyDr. Qiang Guan, China Academy of Sciences Institute of Automation
Microcontroller in Family MedicineProf. Gang Li, Tianjin University