Keynotes Download for 2009 Events

December 2009 – Embedded System as an Educational Subject

Improve Embedded System Education with DifferentiationProf. Gongzhang Shen, Department of Education Information and Electronics Education Advising Committee
Professional Embedded System Course Building in Beijing Institute of TechnologyDeqiang Han, Beijing University of Technology School of Computer Science Lab Center Director
Ideal Model of Embedded System Education in UniversitiesProf. Beibei Shao, Tsinghua University
Thoughts on Embedded System Talent Cultivation in Higher Education InstitutionsProf. Xiaoming Chang, Taiyuan Institute of Technology School of Computer and Software
Exploration of Embedded System EducationAssociate Prof. Zhongmei Ma, Beijing Institute of Technology School of Computer Science
Innovative Lab Design in Tsinghua University Embedded System CoursesDr. Pin Tao, Tsinghua University
Exploration of Methods to Cultivate Engineering Talents in Higher EducationProf. Yimei Kang, Beihang University School of Software

September 2009 – Thoughts on the Industrial Model of Embedded System

Thoughts on Application of LoongsonYi Chien, Loongson IC Design
Copycat Revolution: from Components, Platforms to Cloud ComputingProf. Limin He, Beihang University
Embedded Software in SoC System Chip DesignMing Zhang, Hangzhou Nationalchip
Embedded System Technology in Security Application ContextYaxi Gan, Technical Director, Beijing NetPosa Technologies
IGRS Alliance Specifications and the Embedded System IndustryDr. Zhongying Cao, IGRS Alliance
Embedded System Application in Networking StorageLi Fan, Shanghai StorBridge CTO

June 2009 – Embedded Software Industry and Integrated Software

Anywhere – Device-Oriented ProgrammingLigong Zhou, Guangzhou ZLG
Embedded OS: μC/OS-IIIProf. Beibei Shao, Tsingua University
Multi-core and Mulit-OSQing Han, Wind River
Formal Engineering Design Method – VMK Formal Development of an OS KernelMingyuan Zhu, Beijing Coretek
Embedded Software Development in Semi-Conductor CompaniesDr. Xinxin Yang, Freescale Beijing Linux and Open-Source R&D Manager
Open-Source Software for Embedded SystemsYu Chen, Tsinghua University School of Computer Scicence
The Development of MiniGUI and the Prospect of Embedded Application Software PlatformYongming Wei, Founder, Beijing FMSoft
Development of Embedded Software for Interconnected ProductsDr. Jun Tan, ARM
(Paper Submission) Industrialization of Core Technologies in “Netbooks”Academician Guangnan Ni
(Paper Submission) The Rivalry Between ARM and Intel: More Than Just Semiconductor TechnlogyAllan He, ESBF Secretary in Chief

March 2009 – Integrated Circuit Industry and Embedded System

Look at History for Future DevelopmentAcademician Juyan Xu
“Core Components, High-End Universal Chips and Fundamental Software” Project and Embedded SystemAcademician Guangnan Ni
National Integrated Circuit Strategies for National InterestsAcademician Xubang Shen
Integrated Circuit From the Perspective of K nowledge PlatformProf. Limin He, Beihang University
Develop Third-Party System Design HousesZhanglong Chen, Fudan University
Intellectual Property and Its Impact on Development of Integrated Circuit and Embedded SystemDr. Jun Tan, ARM
MCU Development During Economic RecessionAllan He, ESBF Secretary in Chief