Mixed-Criticality Systems and Industrial Intelligent Systems – The 5th Domestic Embedded Operating System Technology and Industry Forum Concluded in Hangzhou

Advancements in embedded Artificial Intelligence have boosted the demand for high-performance computing. In order to counter the uncertainties in today’s global environment, China’s intelligent embedded systems must also adopt high-end heterogeneous chip and fundamental software that are made in China. Particularly, industrial intelligent system have a strong need for intelligent chips that can execute mixed-criticality systems.

Mixed-criticality is one of the major future directions of embedded system technology. Applications are already seen in autonomous driving, service robots, and automotive electronics. Industrial and defense settings can also see utility of mixed-criticality systems.

Beihang University School of Computer Science and Engineering, Beihang University School of Software, Beihang University Hangzhou Institute of Innovation, China Electronics Standardization Institute, Internet of Things Research Center, ESBF, and Microcontroller and Embedded System Application Journal organized and presented the 5th Domestic Embedded Operating System Technology and Industry Forum, also known as the 29th ESBF forum. The topic of the forum was “Mixed-Criticality System for Heterogeneous Multi-Core Intelligent Chips: Research and Application”. The organizers invited scholars from East China Normal University, Hunan University, Sun Yat-sen University, Fudan University, Beihang University, and other higher education institutions, as well as professional experts from Canaan Creative, Shanghai StarFive, Huawei, RT-Thread, and other well-known companies. Chunming Hu, Dean of Beihang University School of Software, gave the opening speech in the forum. Allan He, ESBF Secretary in Chief, and Professor Jianwei Niu of Beihang University School of Computer Science and Engineering hosted the forum.

Forum Manual (Chinese)

Presentation Downloads of the Morning Agenda: The Industry of Embedded Heterogeneous Intelligent Silicon

Canaan Creative K230 Heterogeneous Multi-core AIOT Chip: Architecture and Application (Presentation)

Kai Hu, Architectural Design Manager, Software Department, Canaan Creative

High-Performance RISC-V Computing Platform (Presentation)

Jie Zhou, Director, Shanghai StarFive Technology

Embedded RTOS Virtualization for Mixed-criticality Deployment (Presentation)

Guoqi Xie, Professor, Hunan University; Director of the Key Laboratory for Embedded and Network Computing of Hunan Province

Software and Hardware Optimization in Intelligent Embedded Systems (Presentation)

Yixiang Chen, Professor, School of Software Engineering, East China Normal University

Intelligent Industrial Robotic Operating System and Application (Presentation)

Jianwei Niu, Professor, Beihang University; Principal Expert, National Key Research and Development Program of China

Presentation Downloads of the Afternoon Agenda: Mixed-criticality System OS Technology and Application

Technical Research Around Security-Critical System Resource Management and Scheduling in Autonomous Driving (Presentation)

Kai Huang, Professor, Director of AI and Autonomous System Research Institute, Zhongshan University

Application of RT-Thread in Industrial Mixed-Criticality Systems

Yi Qiu, RT-Thread Technology Co-founder

Endogenous Security Technology in Operating System (Presentation)

Jinhu Jiang, Senior Engineer, Fudan University Big Data Research Institute

Real-Time Kernel UniProton: Application in Mixed-Criticality Systems (Presentation)

Dezhao Yu, Embedded Real-time OS Expert, Huawei

Implement Operating System Kernel with New Programming Languages (Presentation)

Yu Chen, Professor, Computer Science Department, Tsinghua University

Panel Discussion

During the panel discussion panelists Chunming Hu, He Huang, Canju Yin, and Hualiang Zhang exchanges their thoughts on mixed-criticality system in industrial settings, major difficulties of mixed-criticality systems, and the future of such systems.

Shanghai Huayuan Chuangxin, Hunan University Key Laboratory for Embedded and Network Computing, BMR Technologies, Canaan Creative, Beihang University Hangzhou Institute of Innovation, and other institutions presented their latest products and innovation in the exhibition. Microcontroller and Embedded System Applicaiton Journal, Beihang Univeristy Press, RT-Thread, Kyland Software, Yixiang Chen and Allan He presented their latest publications and interacted with the participants.

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